Food Service Crew Job Openings at FaBurrito Food Group Inc.

FaBurrito Food Group Inc. is hiring food service crews to follow procedures on food preparation and sanitation.

Other job duties:
  • Customer Management - Attend to customers and guests.
  • Quality Check - Receive raw materials from suppliers and follows procedures on quality check.
  • Cashier Duties - Work as a Cashier and perform cashiering duties, whenever assigned.
  • Others - Perform other tasks assigned by Team Leaders/Restaurant Managers

  • Excellence - the person should be one who is constantly doing more than what is expected of him. He is someone who over-delivers
  • Integrity - the person should demonstrate that he has strong moral foundations, that he is someone who will do the right thing no matter whatever temptation would come his way. This also means that the person should have no criminal record or any record that would indicate that he has been dishonest in his previous job
  • Leadership - the person is confident and demonstrates leadership qualities. The person should be good at dealing with people by empowering others to believe in a shared purpose.
  • Communication Skill - has strong communication skill. The person should be able to communicate his ideas effectively both in English and Tagalog, oral or written.

  • Paid Holidays
  • Paid Vacation Leave
  • Paid Sick Leave
  • Maternity & Paternity Leave
  • Employee Discounts

How to apply:
Send resume to or visit

About FaBurrito Food Group Inc.
FaBurrito Food Group Inc. is the legal entity of the Faburrito food chain of companies which include Faburrito The Columns and Faburrito Eastwood.