Sales and Marketing Admin Job Openings at Burlington Industries Philippines Inc.

Burlington Industries Philippines Inc. is hiring a sales and marketing admin to check and monitor job-out, outsourced items from QA, Sales Department and Subcontractor.

Other job duties:
  • Reports progress to Sales Head
  • Ensuring the accuracy of items received based on correct quantity and quality declared
  • Encoding of received PO items in Braid System
  • Verification & submission of Discrepancy Reports from pull-out to HR
  • Determining solutions to resolve issues/problems arise from special project processes
  • Monitoring of Job Out
  • Auditing delivery receipts from Accounting and Purchasing Department;
  • Accountable for the overall output and accuracy of Job-Out
  • Responsible for all the incoming documents/parcel of Sales & Marketing Department
  • Coordinate to Finishing QC with regards to quality concerns and issues
  • Coordinate to Merchandising Supervisor with regards to the items received from the subcontractor
  • Coordinate with Purchasing Personnel regarding P.O. concerns
  • Comply with the company policies, rules and regulations and standard procedure established
  • Responsible for the orderliness, cleanliness, and safety in the work area
  • Perform other work related task that may be assigned from time to time

  • Graduate of Bachelors Degree in Accountancy or any related course
  • At least 1-2 years related work experience
  • Basic knowledge and understanding of the sales process & accounting process
  • Must be highly organized, systematic, competitive and team-centered 
  • With good communication and leadership skills

How to apply:

About Burlington Industries Philippines Inc.
The company started in 1967 as Mil-Oro Manufacturing Corporation, with its main line of manufacturing and marketing men’s, ladies’, and children’s socks. Its first plant in Quezon City operated a modest number of manned machines.