Part-time Instructor Job Openings at CIIT College of Arts and Technology

CIIT College of Arts and Technology is hiring part-time instructors to supervise and monitor students' use of tools and equipment.

Other job duties:
  • Observe and evaluate students' work to determine progress, provide feedback, and make suggestions for improvement.
  • Determine training needs of students.
  • Administer oral, written, or performance tests to measure progress and to evaluate training effectiveness.
  • Prepare reports and maintain records, such as student grades, attendance rolls, and training activity details.

  • Must be a graduate of a related course to the Subject to be taught
  • Must have at least a 2-3 year relevant industry experience
  • Has at least a year of teaching experience
  • Extensive knowledge on the Subject to be taught
  • Must be assertive, passionate, and accommodating in class

How to apply:
Send applications to or visit

About CIIT College of Arts and Technology
CIIT Philippines is a full-fledged learning body that caters gifted students and business clients with the best yet affordable training in Multimedia Arts and Information Technology (IT). Its corporate clients include a few of the most esteemed business names such as IBM and URC.